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Extremely Overwhelmed

Firstly, I will like to commemorate this special date, 11/11/06. This is the day my beloved finally proposed with my long-awaited rock! Hee... I was indeed immensely surprised, as I thought the proposal will only come next January or so. Very touched by his sweet gestures too. And so now I know why the sudden need to do OTs for the past weeks. I know I'm getting mushy, but still there is a need to say "I Love You Baobei!". This is for the proposal and for the rock! =P

Rewind back to the past few days....

We went for the WIS exercise at HDB on Monday. Humphrey was kind enough to inform me abt the exercise early in e morning and even took a queue no. for us, while we both struggled to negotiate for time off fm work later in e noon to submit our application. 686 was our lucky no. Our initial plan was to purchase a 5-room flat in Punggol. However quite sadly by our allocated appointment date, all the countless 5 & 4-rooms units we shortlisted were grabbed by the 687 applicants before us. Thus we ended buying an executive apartment on Friday morning. But it's all by the works of God! Truely, I thank God all the shortlisted units were sold and we ended up buying this awesome unit. I marvel at the decorous layout, the unblock (though limited) view and the size of the house. Best of all, I have my best friends Rachel & Ashley staying near me! Yes, I still can't contain my happiness. I have the urge to scream in ecstasy whenever the thought of us being co-homeowners surfaces! YEEAAHH!!!

And now looking at my rock, I have the sudden compulsion to drive down to give him another bear hug!

Still extremely overwhelmed... and intoxicated with glee...

On a side note, we have more or less decided on holding our wedding dinner in InterContinental Hotel. Photographer shall be Andrew Choi. Shortlisted afew bridal studio and will start visiting them come this 25th with Ash (I can't wait!). Bridal Veil by MichelleHuimin & Ted Wu are on the top of my list. The only problem is the date. We still can't decide between September or December 07. This, I think we will still need more time. Argghh...

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