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We've finally paid a deposit to our desired hotel for our wedding banquet. Will still stick to my Opulet Desire theme though parents don't really approve of having black as one of the 2 main colours in our theme. May consider buying some red crystals n ribbons to dress up the black chairs.

Had decided on which designer to use for the gowns and the photographers and videographer for both the photoshoot and actual day, but yet to make our way down to pay the deposits. Still considering if we should have both the Bali and local shoots for our photo albums though. It's between having a 40-pg Bali + 20-pg local album, and 2 20-pg or more local albums. Of coz the latter will enable us to save lots and to go Europe for our honeymon, but I am still contemplating if I shd settle for honeymoon in NZ for the Bali shoot. My guy opted for the latter without saying coz he wanted so much for us to have a long honeymoon in Europe. Sigh... why can't I have both the Bali shoot AND the Europe trip???

Meeting up with the interior designers really sapped up lots of our time. Each meeting lasted around 2 hours, some up to 3. We've seen at least 5 for the first appointments, some for the 2nd, and many more appointments to go for each ID. Not forgetting having to shop for the electrical appliances, furnitures and deco really left us no time for anyone and anything else. Feel so worn out, having to prepare for both our big day and our flat concurrently. Lucky I have my parents, relatives and friends who constantly share good deals with us. Going to help us save lots I hope.

Nevertheless, my precious has made me feel so much more treasured and loved for each of the unduanting steps that we are taking.

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