*glAd~* (gladgladys) wrote,

The Matrimonial Flat Log

We got the keys to our house in mid January. Official reno work started immediately after the CNY. Here are the pics before the reno, and now, durig the course of it.

"The Bars to a Happy Marriage"

We're in the house!

View from the living hall. The studyroom is on the left (red arrow), which is to be hacked off to make way for the bar and the dining for entertaining.

Latest Updates

The studyroom is gone for good! See how spacious our living hall is now.  Flooring has been layed.  I love the balcony tiles the most!  And yes, that was me inspecting the house in the foreground.  Tsk tsk.

The kitchen and service balcony tiles has been layed too.  

And there!  Our master bedroom.  Two rooms combined into one.  See the wall between the original MBR and BRM1 is now gone too!  Notice the cemented door-frame?  We sort of re-configured the entire MBR, hacked off the original MBR door and shifted the new door out to make the MBR a more regular shape and of course bigger as well.  The room you see on the right will be our AV room.  But the guys had given it a name even before we had started the reno.  It shall be the E.R.  Entertainment Room painted black with red cinema chairs.  Quite ghostly i thought, but the Fiance insisted that it shall be posh.  

We have just decided to dump in more $$ to use the exhorbitantly priced granite as bar and kitchen tops.  It's more than twice the price of solid surface, the material originally chosen.  But since we can't find a nice coloured solid surface top to match the theme we wanted, we decided to part with an additional 2 grand.  Sigh....  Have been hunting high and low for a grand 1.8m dining table to match the victorian dining bench we are having, but have been fruitless till date.  We have been toying with the idea to get the contractor to use granite, yet again, for a custom-made table if we still can't find one in another month's time.  But i hope we really don't have to resort to spending more unneccessary $$.  Headache headache.....

Just paid another $1k+ as a deposit for a sofa set yesterday.  It's a great steal, considering the original set from Italy cost FORTY-FIVE GRAND and we paid a meager of a fraction of that only.  A designer piece we both adored the minute we set our eyes on, but at a very affordable price, truly.

Now the bed.  Still can't decide to spend almost $3k on the luxurious bedframe we saw in parkmall, or use the money on a pretty wallpaper to doll up the room and buy a cheaper ordinary bed.  Sigh....  $$$$$$....  i wish we had more budget.  I WISH!

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