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Counting Down

We have just 3 more days to go.  Last Monday, as I hug my family goodbye at the airport, I was empowered by the strongest surge of sadness.  It may sound silly to some, but it really upsets me a great deal for not being able to see them for the next 6 mths.  Sigh...

I have been feeling pretty lost and scared for the past week or so.  Am I going to face the four walls daily till the hubby comes home from work?  Will I really turn into an old haggard housewife?  Will I slip into depression?  Will I become a loner with the hubby as my only friend?  Et ceteras...  Too many fearful and disheartening questions are wearing me out.  

On a lighter note, I have been invited to an interview by the school!  Wish me all the luck coz I need it badly, and pray for me!  I have intentions to do abit of voluntary work too when I'm there.  That's becoz I think I need to atone for my gossiping sins.  Hahaa...  But of coz the main reason is to ensure that I spend my time fruitfully.  I wish to come back as a better person with more insights of life, even if I do not get to further my studies.  I reckon since I am oredi going to lag behind my peers in terms of career, I should at least try to lead a more meaningful life for the next 18 months.  All these are possible only if I have the emotional strength and courage to venture out in the wild alone;so, remb to pray for me!


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